About APB


APB Big Brake Kit fitment is 100% bolt-on, with no washers/shims. Easy & fast installation.


Forged calipers with double seals, oil & dust seals. Protecting the pistons from leaking or damage when you are off-roading.

Multi piston caliper has a stronger clamping force when braking. APB in-house designed calipers are available for 4 & 6 pistons, each caliper has the largest diameter on the pistons for the maximum clamping force, and has firm pedal feels with precise brake feedback to provide the driver with safety & confidence.


With APB products, you will have the largest contact area in pads and rotors. 10%-30% larger than the factory setup on average. More contact surfaces = More stopping power.

APB kit comes with the largest off-the-shelf pads, easy to get when you need pad replacement. 4 pot pads are the same as Ferrari F50. 6 pot pads are the same as Porsche Cayenne GTS.


2-Piece slotted rotors, with the Geomet coating, with the rust-free protection, vented design for more heat dissipation.


Brackets are made in steel, and designed for heavy-duty/payload, towing to stand with high braking pressure.


American Power Brakes (APB) is an aftermarket performance brake system company with over 40 years of experience in supplying OE brake systems to the automobile industry. APB specializes in 4x4 Pickup truck, Jeep brake systems.

APB provides brake systems from designing, and manufacturing, with high OE quality standards and aftermarket high performance. APB engineering team uses the latest CAD and manufacturing techniques in Finite Element Analysis, dynamic test, and cycle test equipment, to find high performance and reliable solutions for the most difficult braking tasks.

Our mission is to bring customers the best, high quality, and consistent products with 100% satisfactory service.

Roll Fast, Stop Fast