Why buy APB products?
APB products are born for 4x4, Off-Road & truck use. If you are looking for improving braking power on your vehicle with large wheels & tires, heavy bumpers, or need to tow trailers, APB is the best solution.
Will more pistons get better stopping power?
It's all about the size of the contact surface on brake pads and rotors. APB brakes have the largest contact surface on brake pads and rotors for 4 pistons and 6 pistons calipers in the truck & 4x4 market. The brake spec is unmatched in the industry.
Is forged aluminum caliper better than casting caliper?
Forged aluminum caliper is featured with a lightweight, more substantial body and faster heat dissipation than casting caliper. 
What's your warranty & return policy?
APB offers 1 year or 20,000 miles replacement warranty on all products. (Except brake pads) Read More-
Can I do the installation on my own?
Let the professional mechanics do the job in workshops. Or if you have the right tools in your garage, you may install the kit yourself. 
How long does it take for installation?
About 30-60 mins on average by professional mechanics. It saves your time and labor cost. 
How do I know if the brake kit fits the wheels?

APB 4 pot kit fits most aftermarket 17 inches wheels.
APB 6 pot kit fits most aftermarket 20 inches wheels.
You may download and print the measurement template at 100% scale from the APB website and check the clearance before purchase. If the clearance is not big enough, wheel spacers may be the solution.

How to choose the right brake lines for your vehicle?
Most trucks and 4x4 vehicles are lifted from 2.5 to 10 inches, the variety of heights might make your factory brake lines are not compatible. We recommend you get a set of brake lines that will be compatible with your lift kit.


What is "bed-in," and how to bed in the brakes after installed?
"Bed-in" is a process for material transferring from brake pads to rotors. After the bed-in, stopping power will be improved a lot. 
You may need about 500 miles or 2 tanks of gasoline to bed-in the brake.